Your expertise is not Just a business. It's Your Legacy.
Your expertise is not Just a business. It's Your Legacy.
Expert business legacy system
FREE Access To Martin's "6 Stage expert Legacy growth plan":
This 2-part video series reveals 3 fundamental epiphanies for growing any expert business AND the 6 stages of the 'Expert Legacy Growth Plan', which helps experts like you monetize your expertise on ANY topic without upfront money, team, tech knowledge, or existing audience (in the first 3 stages). 
I've studied inside and out, the inner workings of over 30 uber-successful 7 figure and 8 figure Expert businesses (like coaching, mentoring, consulting and leadership businesses) to figure out how they can consistently, repeatedly, and predictably launch, relaunch and scale their products and services with such efficiency and ease that it leaves the rest of us staring in awe. To find the answer, I studied their structure, their product lines, their messaging, their outreach, their targeting, their team structure, their software...


It wasn't clear at first... until it was totally OBVIOUS!

It took a lot of staring at research, transcripts, charts and notes - but the secret finally revealed itself like a 3D picture if you stare at it long enough. It's nothing anyone would have guessed at first, because it's not obvious on the surface. It's not a common business structure, or a team structure, or software, or funding level, or even audience size.

No, the secret is hidden deep in the business - but forms the DNA of EVERY OUNCE of that business. 

It's product choices, it's offers, it's recruitment, it's messaging, its mission statement, its press releases, its targeting, its leadership structure, its ascension plan - every nook any cranny of the business.

And now that I know about it, I CANNOT unsee it! 

I see it everywhere in successful Expert businesses. 

I see it's power, it's impact, it's reach, it's beautiful simplicity.

It's always there, hiding in plain site.

And now, you know about it too...
At the heart of a successful Expert Business is a strategic Expert Legacy Growth Plan, and at the heart of that is a legendary Expert Legacy System that strategically, predictably, and consistently launches, monetizes, multiplies, scales an Expert business throw every phase of that Growth Plan. The Expert Legacy System is always built from the ground up to be a one-of-a-kind signature system for that Expert Business.

The hidden superpowers of the Expert Legacy System in an Expert business include:
  • Your signature Expert Legacy System is your true north, revealing step by step, every single move for building your value ladder and scaling your Expert Business to legendary status.
  • ​Silence the noise of all the tactics out there, and instead gain a long-term strategy that will be as relevant 30+ years from now as it is today (no matter what unforeseen online or offline changes may come).
  • ​Create laser focused direction, from the very next decision, to the next product built, to the next huge business pivot (abolish the “?” in your business planning forever)
  • Build & launch (or relaunch) every product your Expert Business will ever have, for the life of the business, with speed, ease, and perfect customer journey positioning.
  • ​Pair any of today’s trendy sales & marketing tactics with your Expert Legacy System for responsive, agile, accelerated business growth that exponentially compounds results (it’s the best of both worlds!)
  • ​Maximize impact & revenue with vertical expansion! Turn one product into many upsell products – (without creating completely new frontend or backend products). 
  • Convert your intangible assets (all the knowledge you’re randomly storing in your brain), into a packaged, sellable, tangible asset. (From no deal >> to future sellable business deal.)
  • Protect your expert knowledge. A name trademark only protects your name; but a signature system can protect your expert processes (and that can mean the difference for the future of your Expert Business). 
  • ​Structure your business from the ground up in a way that affords you the opportunity to have a profitable exit (aka cash pile) or a continued succession plan (aka cash flow).
Ready to have a comprehensive Expert Business blueprint that will accelerate your business reach, impact, and revenue; all while building up the intellectual and sellable tangible asset of your expertise?

Plus At The End I'll Also Share...
The Coaching Program Built For Expert Biz Builders!
This video is pure content! After watching it you'll be able to hit the ground running on your own! But if you'd like help along the way - I have just the thing for you!
9 Services To Super-Charge Your Expert Growth
Want even faster growth? Focus on your strengths & outsource the rest! I'll share my new 'done-for-you' services that will let you focus on your best work.
What Is An Expert Legacy?
An Expert Legacy System is a predictable and scalable way for your expert business to cut through the noise, reach your audience, and provide them with consistent, predictable results while monetizing your expertise.

"The only certainty we have about our legacy, is the certainty that we create."
Martin Traz helps Experts like coaches & trainers find clarity around the key strategic business tasks that will leverage their time & resources to consistently, predictably & repeatably monetize and scale their expertise through the 6 stages of the Expert Legacy Growth Plan.
Virtual fireside chats with coaching clients.
(Click on a image to play the video)
"Shifting My Therapy Practice Into An Online Trauma-Informed Coaching Legacy."
Jennifer reveals her escape from the fatigue & burnout of running a traditional 1:1 brick n' mortar therapy practice as she leveraged the Legacy Builder mindset to build her unique, signature, trauma-informed coaching Legacy!
"My confidence in knowing my worth & value in the market place has skyrocketed!"
Melissa's story on taking a leap of faith, launching a coaching business (while married & raising babies) and profitably growing it without losing her purpose and passion for it.
"Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher and challenging me to become me."
Tracey went from scattered pieces, a fragmented idea, and spinning her wheels; to clarity, direction, and a dynamic product rooted in heart and authenticity.
"Best part of working with you is working with someone who cares as much as I do."
Travis realized that real, lasting, competitive advantage doesn't come from paying for tactics, but rather through a collaborative effort of an inside-out company transformation.

READY to eliminate the guess work IN YOUR BIZ?
I Offer A FREE 1:1 Expert Business Assessment So That You Can Get TOTAL CLARITY On Your Strategic Next Steps.

We'll Jump On A FREE Call To Assess Your Expert Business And Craft A Custom-Tailored 30 Day Focus Plan That Will Reveal The Exact Focus Areas For Your Business In The Next 30 Days.
I Offer A FREE 1:1 Expert Business Assessment So That You Can Get TOTAL CLARITY On Your Next Steps.

We'll Jump On A FREE Call To Assess Your Expert Business And Craft A Custom-Tailored 30 Day Focus Plan That Will Reveal The Exact Focus Areas For Your Business In The Next 30 Days.
I treat these calls as if you're one of my private 5 figure clients. 
It's pure upfront value!

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